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Image by Devon Divine

Overnight care service provides the extra comfort your pet needs, allowing you to rest and relax peacefully on your trip. Our overnight sitter will offer companionship through the evening, into the morning. A sitter will arrive between 8:00pm-10.00pm and stay the entire evening into the morning (7:00am - 9:00am departure)*. The sitter will service late night outings, breakfast in the morning, and morning walks. We also provide complementary chores like mail collection, and clean up for animals.

P R E M I E R E   P R I C I N G

$80.00 per night 

$5.00 for each additional dog

*Midday visits and dinner visits are not included.

*For plant care click our plants and errands tap.

M I D D A Y  & D I N N E R  W A L K S

$18.00   (15 Minute Walks)

$20.00   (20 Minute Walks)

$22.00   (30 Minute Walks)

*$5.00 for each additional dog

H O L I D A Y   D E T A I L S

$5.00 is added to any existing service desired for that day only. 

*We are not currently offering boarding services.

(B) 703.309.5353



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