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B O A R D I N G   U P D A T E

At this time our boarding services are unavailable. Please refer to our overnights tab for similar, comfortable accommodations.

Thank you, and see you soon!

We provide residential boarding services for your dog's needs. Here's how it works. After booking the dates for services desired, we first pick up your dog from home via pet taxi and bring them to our residence in Mclean, Va. They are provided with love and attention, playtime, walks, food, and companionship while their owner(s) is away.

P R E M I E R E   P R I C I N G

$70.00 per night. (Morning/Evening Walks Included) ​

$5.00 for each additional dog


M I D D A Y   W A L K S

$16.00   (15 Minute Walks)

$18.00   (20 Minute Walks)

$20.00   (30 Minute Walks)

$24.00   (45 Minute Walks)

$40.00   (60 Minute Walks)

(Request pricing for desired services exceeding 60 minutes)

H O L I D A Y   D E T A I L S

$5.00 is added to any existing service desired for that day only. 

D O G  S I Z E  G U I D E

We are able to service a maximum of two small or medium size dogs at a time to insure detailed concentrated care.

* There is NO CHARGE for a round trip Pet Taxi when boarding services are booked.

(B) 703.309.5353

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